Getting you the best deals for your household bills

Organise My Bills is your personal price comparison & reminder service. From Utility bills and Insurance to MOT reminders.

You’re working hard all day, every day

Running a business. Looking after your customers. You have meetings, followed by appointments, followed by more meetings.

And you’re making decisions. Big decisions. Decisions that are going to affect people’s lives.

to do lists keeping you busy

Your plate is full. Your to-do list is longer than your arm

The last thing you want on top of that is "life admin": gas and electricity bills, mobile phone contracts, MOT and car insurance.

It’s not just one job each year. You have multiple utility contracts and insurances to sort out across the year.

And getting the best deal means time. Spending at least an hour on price comparison websites. Phoning your current supplier (usually at peak times) to beat down the renewal offer.

It all takes time

And when you’re running your own business, time is money.

So it’s easy to ignore the renewal letter or email when there are so many other pressures. But that means you get switched onto the auto renewal deal. The more expensive option.

If it’s related to your car, there’s more at stake.

If you’ve missed your MOT and car tax renewal, you’re driving illegally. If you’re caught, you could face a fine and points on your licence.

You know there are things that you could be doing:

  • Schedule calendar reminders and take action
  • Dedicate more of your free time to searching the price comparison websites
  • Ask your partner to keep track of everything

But that needs more organisation and more planning. And right now, the only break you get is when you’re asleep.

Imagine if someone could take the stress away and do it all for you instead...

"My time is valuable. My time spent searching Compare the Market or on the phone to a gas supplier is time I’m not spending on client work.

Organise My Bills takes that faff away from me, so I can focus on building my business."

Mr. Clive Baker

Introducing Organise My Bills

The dependable way for busy business owners and professionals to stay on top of their household bills, and get the best deals.

We’re a team with more than 100 years of combined experience in professional procurement, based in the West Midlands.

Organise My Bills is for you if:

  • You don’t want the hassle of spending hours comparing prices and deals, or on the phone to suppliers
  • When you think about your hourly rate, it’s better spent working on your business or seeing clients/patients
  • It’s causing tension in your relationship - neither of you want the extra "life admin" work. You’ve missed renewal dates because you’re so busy and you’ve been locked in expensive auto renewal contracts
  • You’ve phoned the garage to book your MOT and had the embarrassing realisation that it should have been done two weeks ago...
  • You want to get a good deal but it’s an extra thing to stress about
  • You just don’t want to deal with it

Relax. We’ll do it for you.

We’ll take it all off your plate

We help you with:

we find the best energy prices


find the best vehicle cover

Vehicle Insurance

pet insurance that covers your dog

Pet Insurance

insure your household contents

House Insurance

peace of mind boiler cover

Boiler Cover

the right mobile tariff for you

Mobile Phone Tariffs

set an MOT service reminder

Vehicle Reminder Service

"It’s such a relief not to worry about it"

When you choose Organise My Bills, you’re choosing a team of experts who know where to get the best deals. We check across the market - we’re not limited to certain suppliers.

You won’t have to find the time to speak to your current supplier - we’ll do it for you.

You won’t be bombarded by phone calls or emails from energy or insurance companies either. We act as the buffer.

And we’ll keep track of all the different renewal dates across the year, so you don’t have to.

"I used to spend hours each year trying to find the best details for all my different bills and insurances - gas and electricity, house, car etc. It was always after a long day at work and the last thing I wanted to do was to trawl the price comparison sites. I’d end up frustrated and resentful that it was on my shoulders.

When I found out I didn’t have to do it anymore, it was such a relief.

The Organise My Bills team take it off my (already full) plate. It’s one less thing I have to worry about and I can use that time to focus on my business."

Mr. Kevin Flowers

How it works:

  • When you sign up, you’ll fill in a form with the renewal dates or your utilities and insurances.
  • A month before the renewal date, we’ll send you a reminder. You’ll confirm the relevant details and we’ll search the markets for the best deals. We’ll also speak to your current supplier.
  • After scouring the market, we’ll send you the top 3 options to choose from. We will talk through the options with you.
  • You choose your preferred contract and we’ll complete the process, leaving you to focus on more important matters.

We don’t add commission on top of your quotes, so you can guarantee the best value deals. Instead you pay a monthly service fee for as long as the contract runs.

If there is a commission from a supplier, we pass that onto you as a direct payment.

trading standards approved company

Trading Standards Approved

Organise My Bills has been:

  • Vetted and approved by Trading Standards
  • Monitored for customer service
  • Audited by a Trading Standards professional
  • Qualified, insured and reference checked
  • Given an overall customer rating of 5/5

"In the past, I’ve let my car insurance go into auto renewal because I simply haven’t had the time to search for better deals. I’ve ended up paying hundreds more than I should have done. And it wasn’t just car insurance, but my electricity and home insurance. When I think about the amount of extra money I was paying, it makes me feel sick.

Now, the team at Organise My Bills keeps track of my renewal dates so I don’t have to.

I get a text message telling me that my renewal is coming up, email to check that they have my up-to-date details and then search the best available deals. They even speak with my current supplier. They send me the three best options to choose from. It’s so much easier and time efficient than before and I know that I’m paying the best price."

Mr. Paul Harper

Your Organise My Bills Plan

Renewal reminder & research service:

  • Mobile phone tariffs (up to 4 phones per household)
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Pet insurance (up to 2 pets)
  • Boiler cover insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance (up to 4 cars)
  • Vehicle (MOT, service, road tax) (up to 4 cars)


* When you pay £116.99/year upfront for one year. Otherwise £11.99 monthly.