The Story behind Organise My Bills

A team with more than 100 years of experience and with the customer at the heart of everything they do.

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About Us

I’m Chris Jones, Managing Director of Organise My Bills

I set up Organise My Bills to help households get the best prices for their bills and win back their time.

Ensuring your Insurances, Utilities and other bills are up to date and at a good price is an important task. From countless conversations over the years, I know most people have better things to do than spend hours every year searching for better deals. It’s time consuming, and, for most people, boring.

I say ’most people’ because I’ve built my career in the procurement industry and I love finding and negotiating better deals for my customers.

I have always enjoyed helping people, in fact, it’s a real passion.

I was a police officer for 3 years, before an injury forced me into early retirement. I didn’t know what to do next, I enjoyed helping people and my plan had been to spend the rest of my career in the police.

Then in 2001 a chance arose to join British Gas and it gave me the opportunity to help people in other ways.

Ethical practices

The procurement industry is unregulated, meaning that anybody could (and can) set up as a broker. What really annoyed me is I would often see householders sign up to contracts that just weren’t good for them. I learned how procurement worked when I was part of British Gas, it was my role to help households who had signed contracts that were just based on commissions not personal circumstances.

After 4 years in residential where I built a reputation for honesty and integrity I moved into the commercial arena. It was here I learned about how commodities are traded and how better offers were available if you searched properly.

Times have changed, the Ombudsman, Ofgem and Ofcom have tightened up regulations and to trade in this industry you now have to be registered. I’m really pleased with this as it proves only ethical practices will work.

Fees and professional recognition

It’s why I strived to get Trading Standards’ "Buy with Confidence" approval for OMB – the first company of its kind to achieve it. Organise My Bills has been:

trading standards approved logo
  • Vetted and approved by Trading Standards
  • Monitored for customer service
  • Audited by a Trading Standards professional
  • Qualified, insured and reference checked
  • Given an overall customer rating of 5/5

It's also why we charge a monthly fee instead of commission. We search for the absolute best value for you (including speaking to your current supplier), and we charge you for that service. We don't add commission on top. If there is a commission from a supplier, we pass that back to you as a direct payment and that's guaranteed.

Helping you with all your bills

When I left British Gas to set up my own procurement company, my aim was always to get the best value for my customers across a range of suppliers, not just be fixed to one.

Over the years it’s gone from strength to strength, we now offer a full portfolio of services: Communications (mobile, landlines, broadband), water, insurances, in addition to Gas and Electricity.

As our commercial customer base grew to more than 2000 businesses, the owners and their Staff would often ask; ’could me and my team help them with their household bills.’ After a stressful day at work, the last thing they wanted, was to spend their time sorting out their renewals.

The service proved hugely popular.

That's how Organise My Bills was born. To help busy households keep track of and get the best value for their renewals.

"I've worked with Chris and his team for many years. I've always found them to be professional and very helpful but above all honest. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

Sir Leslie Jones - Holy Cross Care Homes Ltd

Future Plans

My ambition is to grow Organise My Bills to a size that can harness the power of collective negotiation. There is power in numbers. With more customers, OMB can challenge the utility and insurance companies, getting even better commission-free deals, and hopefully become the name all households turn to when they want their household bills Organising.

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